Pegasus Series

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Pegasus Series


The Pegasus Series is one of Amphenol’s latest innovation in small, lightweight, rugged connectors. Designed for use in harsh environments, Pegasus builds on the successful Luminus Aerospace connector with the addition of EMI shielding. EMI shielding is provided by electroless copper and nickel plate, with a copper alloy spring finger gasket to ensure shell-to-shell conductivity. Tests show between 60db and 40db of attenuation, depending on frequency. This combination of lightweight, small size, and EMI shielding makes Pegasus the ideal choice where protection against ambient noise transients, or suppression of emitted noise is required, and space and weight are at a premium.


  • Electroless Copper & Nickel plating - Enables EMI shielding from ambient noise transients
  • 1/4 turn bayonet style connection - Makes wire installation and maintenance easy and efficient
  • Interfacial and Triple-Barrier Seal - Enables environmental sealing (IP67 rating)
  • Multiple configurations and keys to choose from
  • Scoop-Proof - Prevents contacts from being bent or electrically shorted during mating
  • Contacts -AS39029 MIL Spec contacts for broad application compatibility.
  • Rugged Polyamide Housings;
  • -65°C to +150°C operating range
  • Blind-Mate Connection -Enables simple, blind mating; easy assembly
  • D160, M81714, FAR25 Compliance -Meets demanding military-aerospace environmental conditions




John Whittaker